The Start of Spice

I have been making spice blends in my own kitchen for over 20 years (my gosh has it really been that long?!). I have created for family and friends and have had everyone remark how delicious my blends were. How they added to their experience with tasting of the food. How their taste buds would dance with delight at the thought of eating my cooking.

I have been cooking without salt for just about as long as I have been making spice blends. So the concept of having blends without any salt just seemed very natural to me. You don't need to use salt! It can and does enhance flavors but we have salt in almost everything we eat already! Especially those whom drink sodas!! Our hearts can not take that much salt! So for me, salt free is really the way to go.

I took my passion for spices and cooking and combined them into this shop. I want to bring new tastes to people's pantries and their taste buds!

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